Questions You Might Have And How To Contact Us At Eazy Grub!

Hey there! We’re so glad you came here to check us out! If you want to reach me or the team, you can reach us directly through the form below, but first, take a look at some answers to the common questions we get:

I have a question about a recipe on the blog.
Cool! We love questions about the recipes! The best way to get your question answered is to leave a comment on the recipe page at the bottom. We get notified when people ask questions and due to the volume of messages we receive, this is the easiest and quickest way to get your question answered.

Can I use your photos and/or recipe on my blog?
If you are affiliated with related industry publications or other blogs, you are welcome to use one photo along with a CLEAR LINK (that’s DOFOLLOW) back to the recipe on Eazy Grub.

If you are one of our valued readers, we kindly request that you do not copy or republish our recipes anywhere on social media platforms. If you’d like to refer to a certain recipe you found, please ONLY publish the URL in a link to the recipe.

Can I contribute an article or recipe?
We appreciate the offer, but we only publish content that we create and love.

How can I subscribe?
In the middle of each recipe post, you’ll see a highlighted square that will direct you to subscribe. When subscribing, be sure to click the tiny box in the bottom left to complete the task.

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