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What Goes With Chili? – Delicious ideas for sides

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So you’re wondering what goes with chili? Wonder no more my inquisitive friend for I have over ten scrumptious (and easy!) ideas for you.

A spoon with chili and toppings on it, hovering over a bowl.
Eazy Grub Crazy 3 Ingredient Chili Recipe

Making chili for game day, a birthday or just a Thursday? If you need some side dish inspiration, the following recipes should help you out.

Not that there’s anything wrong with serving just plain rice, (which btw you should try this Stick of Butter Rice instead – WOW!), but there are so many other delicious alternatives that go along perfectly with a big bowl of chili.

Let the side dish ideas begin!

What Goes With Chili?

The following suggestions are ideal for serving beside all types of chili. Chili with beans, without beans, spicy chili, mild chili, etc.
There's a side here for every palate!

These side dishes will go ideally with any type of chili you have on the menu. Spicy or mild, beans or no beans, it’s all here.

Other Questions You Might Have

What kind of drinks should I serve?

Well, if you and your friends drink alcohol, (and to keep things simple), I would serve a nice cool beer that’s a classic beverage to pair with chili. Keep on hand a few non-alcohol beer alternatives in case some people would like the flavor of beer, but not the alcohol.
Other than that, chilled soda or even some iced tea over ice is also a great idea.

Should I serve snacks as well?

Snacks are never a bad idea to serve. Placing bowls of corn chips, potato chips, flavored pretzels and tortilla chips are all great options to go along with some chili. Also, serving a vegetable platter with some cooling ranch dip is a fantastic way to add that freshness factor.

I hope some of these ideas help you out when you’re trying to decide what side dishes to serve along with your homemade chili recipe.

Which ones will you try? If you think I’ve missed some really great suggestions, please let me know so I can add them to the list! Thanks for stopping by today and let’s chat again soon!


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